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Giant Tote Bags for NC Vintage Bazaar

NORTH CAROLINA VINTAGE BAZAAR, the biggest vintage clothing market in North Carolina! Updates at @2ndhandconcessionstand + @ncvintagebazaar

About this event The North Carolina Vintage Bazaar is an in person vintage clothing market unlike one that North Carolina has ever seen! Featuring some of the best vintage vendors from across the country, NCVB will be THE place to be for vintage on January 22nd. The Raleigh Convention Center in downtown Raleigh will house thousands of vintage jackets, sweaters, pants, and of course t-shirts for this one day event, giving you the best selection the state has to offer. The event is brought to you by NC's own Secondhand Concession Stand, and we're so excited to see everyone there. Don't miss out! ****THE EARLY BIRD TICKET GRANTS YOU ADMISSION AT 11AM, GIVING YOU A CHANCE TO SHOP BEFORE GENERAL ADMISSION IS ALLOWED IN AT 11AM! THE EXTRA HOUR GIVES YOU THAT EXTRA TIME TO FIND THE GRAIL PIECE YOU'RE LOOKING FOR AND TO GRAB THE STEAL ITEMS BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE COMES IN ***General Admission is from 12am-6pm **Masks required indoors as mandated by the City of Raleigh *Check the Add-ons at the bottom of the ticket menu to grab a limited edition tote bag! You will be given the bag at the event and it's the perfect reusable shopping bag for it. CURRENT VENDOR LIST @LOCKERROOMCLT @ALFIES_ARCHIVE @ALLYEOOPCULTUREEXCHANGE @PALLBEARER_VINTAGE @COREYSCORNERVINTAGE @VTG_JERZ @GLENGARMENTS @URBANVTG.NC @PUBLICINTERESTCLT @LOUISAKATEVINTAGE @JUSTBUYITVINTAGE @LJC_VINTAGE @BLUEPALACEVINTAGE @VINTAGEJUNKIES1 @THEFLASHBACKSTASH @NATHANLAPRAD @MILKYWAY_STREETWEAR @TANK_JUSTVINTAGE @RALEIGHTHROWBACK @TREETRUNKVTG @DESPISEGOSSIP @THRIFTYVINTAGEPARADISE @THE_VINTAGE_CELLAR @FULFILLVINTAGE @JND_VINTAGE2000 @JOOS_VENTAGE @4EVERYESTERDAY @COBBLESTONE.VNTG @VTG_OFFTHESPOT @OAKBOYSVINTAGE @DISCODOLPHINVTG @FLIPPERMCCOYVINTAGE @CHANCES_RDU @LOSTFOUNDRY @ODDJANKERS @JETTLAGGEDVINTAGE @PARADOXCHAMBER @_REVIVED_CLASSICS @VINTAGE.ZOMBIE @REPLAYVINTAGENC @REVIVERESALE @90TH.VTG @3DWORLDVINTAGE @OUTTHEBOX919 @CAPITALBST @HOTWIREVINTAGE @VINTAGEBREEDS

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